Sam Orkar, Consultant Plastic Surgeon
SAM ORKAR, Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Full member of BAPRAS and BAAPS

Post-Operative Wound Care

How are my wounds dressed?

Mr Orkar will usually tape your surgical wounds using Micropore© surgical tape or a padded clear film dressing.

These should stay in place for up to 2-weeks and are shower-proof. Wounds on the face may not have any dressings.

Can I wash after my operation?

You can shower after the operation, be careful so the shower does not spray directly onto the dressings (otherwise these may lift off early). For example if you had surgery to your breasts or abdomen, you should stand with your back to the shower. After showering the tapes may be dried by dabbing gently with a clean towel or kitchen towel, or alternatively a hairdryer on a cool setting may be used. Please do not sit in a bath.

What if the tape starts to come off early?

Any tape that starts to peel off may be trimmed back with a clean pair of scissors.

What if there is some bleeding onto the tapes?

It is very common for there to be a small amount of bleeding from the wounds onto the tapes up to the first 24 hours after surgery.

What signs should I be concerned about?

There are several important signs that may suggest problems with your wound. These include:

  • Increasing pain at the wound site
  • A red colour developing around the wound
  • A discharge from the wound (not including the minor bleeding mentioned above)
  • A generalised feeling of being unwell
  • A rising temperature above 38.0C
  • Feeling nauseous and vomiting

Should you notice any of these symptoms, please get back in contact for an urgent review.

Can I do anything to help my scars settle?

To improve the appearance of your scar the following may help:

  • About a week following the removal of your stitches (or dressings for dissolving stitches), start to massage the scar(s). It is best to use an oil or cream to help with the massage. This will also help moisturise the scar at the same time.
  • In individuals with known or suspected history of poor scaring, additional measures may be discussed and used.

Contacts in an emergency or if you have concerns

If you have concerns and in an emergency, it is best to call the hospital at which your operation was performed – they will then be able to contact Mr Orkar directly. Alternatively, you may telephone Mr Orkar’s secretary on 01342 330386, Please do not leave a voicemail in an emergency.



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